With the fact that the news industry would migrate from linear television (live news broadcasting) to the internet (recorded news broadcasting) as the main source of news, how could a new type and style of news gathering, publishing, and distribution be created. Hugh Scott, CEO/Founder & Editor, incensed with censorship of older large linear news media companies, embarked on a journery to figure it out.  After 3 software companies, years of inventing a new social media platform with a lot of creative thought, it was finally achieved. The invention is called “Social News Media”sm, our slogan. NetNewsCorp,sm has invented this new industry, and we are proud of it. It has been a collaboration of many people, our culture of persistence, creativity, hard work, politely working together to achieve the goal of bringing truth to the news industry via new technology creatively blended thus building a news broadcasting company with video, radio, and journals categories which are “uploadable” directly to our platform for our Individual NetNewsCasters,sm.

NNN-Banner We are a legally chartered news publishing and broadcasting corporation, chartered in the State Of Georgia, USA. As a legal news corporation, when we approve a NetNewsCaster,sm (to join us click here and fill out the form.  http://www.NetNewsNetwork.net/application )we sanction them as an Official NetNewsCaster,sm. As an official Journalist, and NetNews,sm as a genuine news media company (only), Freedom Of The Press applies to our NetNewsCasters,sm. Along with the potential profitability via advertising revenue for our NetNewsCasters,sm, who individually manage their own advertisements on their NetNewsChannel,sm , NetNews,sm brings the VALUE ADDED of both profit potential and Freedom of The Press status which no other platform does to date.

NNN-BannerWe are a social network friendly platform. We are compatible into Facebook, Linked, Twitter,  Instagram, etc. The idea is to have your own NetNewsChannelStation,sm, publish on it, and then interface your publishings via links into other Social Network Platforms, thus literally broadcasting your news via posting into all other platforms. In essence, instead of one just posting on platforms, one is literally posting real news on other platforms via NetNewsNetwork,sm as the host of the post. When a viewer sees the post on other platforms, and this viewer clicks on that post, it brings them directly to the News Item on NetNewsNetwork’s site. Thus, we are able not to be censored by other platforms.  We do not censor as long as each owner abides by our strict Journalism Ethics & Standards. We have the scalability, brand, business model, software, to become one of the most recognized social network brands in the world.

NNN-BannerUse of our platform is free at this time. We also, inherent in our design, allow and offer each individual to sell their own ad space for revenue with unlimited ads, yet it is up to each Individual NetNewsCaster,sm to sell these spaces on their Individual NetNewsChannelStation,sm or NetNewsJournal,sm and arrange for direct payment from the advertisers to that Individual.Please Review Our Ethics (https://netnewsnetwork.net/netnewssm-journalism-ethics/) & Fill Out An Application (https://netnewsnetwork.net/application/. NetNewsCorp,sm  Will Respond To You Promptly. We Do Require A Phone Interview For Approval.



Hugh Scott CEO/Founder/Editor, NetNewsCorp,sm