NetNewsNetwork/NetNewsCorp,sm was created by one of the National Founders Of The Tea Party Movement. We were founded in May of 2010, which was 1, 1/2 years after the Founding of the Tea Party in Atlanta, February 2009. HScott, one of the 3 Founders of the Tea Party, became incensed with the misleading and untruthful news media industry, which was dominated by CNN, NBC Universal, ABC, Cox Media (newspapers), which are all socialist oriented news outlets complicit with the socialist agenda in Washington, basically a complicit conspiracy to Socialize America, which has been going on for over 50 years.

So, H. Scott decided to do something about the problem. He embarked on a 6 year journey to invent the future of the news industry. The goal was to invent the next news industry and gain impact in the market place before the Socialists linear old media figured it out.

With the fact that the news industry would migrate from linear television live broadcasting to the internet as the main source of news, how could it be done. Finally, after 3 software companies, years of inventing a new social media platform with a lot of creative thought. In mid 2017, it was finally achieved. The invention is called “Social News Media”sm, our slogan, we own. Actually NetNewsCorp,sm has invented a new industry, and we are proud of it. It has been a collaboration of many people, our culture of persistence, creativity, hard work, politely working together to achieve the goal of bringing truth to the news industry via this new technology industrial revolution.

What NNN is, after years of creativity, is very simple, although, simplicity, the essence of an invention, takes a lot of wacky hard work to find. This is how NNN works. We are a legally sanctioned news corporation, chartered in the State Of Georgia, USA. Since we are a legal news corporation, when we approve a NetNewsCaster,sm to join us, upon their applying to join, we legally sanction them as an Official News Journalist. Also, since we are a legal news corporation, the States’ Shield Laws protects our Journalists from having to reveal their sources of news, and can publish it via NetNewsVideo,sm, NetNewsRadio,sm, NetNewsJournals,sm, and NetNewsMusic,sm.

Once approved, the NetNewsCaster,sm names their channel, geographically, say, NetNewsRadioTopekaKansas. Or nationally by Subject Matter, say, NetNewsVideoAmericanConservativeBroadcast. Once they name their channel, they then upload their own programming into our technology, it shows up on the screen, then link/share into all of that person’s social networks, say FB, Linked In , Twitter, Bing, etc. Then when someone on the social networks sees the link, Professionally showing as NetNewsNetwork,sm……SocialNewsMedia,sm with a photo icon, the name of the Channel, say, NetNewsRadioTopekaKansas, along with a description of the program, say, Topeka has massive fire in downtown. Then once clicked on by the social network viewer, they are immediately brought to the very program on NetNewsNetworks,sm platform. So, we penetrate the social networks, yet protected content as legal news media, and Zuckerberg can’t touch it, nor Bill Gates, etc. Also, as a boot to the NetNewsCasters,sm they have their very own ad spaces on their channel, which they also have administration technology to manage themselves. They can sell these ads directly, to whomever they wish, receive monies from their sales as they wish, and NetNewsCorp,sm DOES NOT SHARE IN THIS REVENUE AND DOES NOT PROCESS IT AT ALL. In essence our NetNewsCasters,sm are put into business themselves, with revenue potential as a legal news journalist protected by NetNewsCorp,sm. Wow!

We plan to grow fast, globally, etc. Most of all we are a social network friendly platform. In other words we are compatible into FB, Linked In, Yahoo, Twitter,  Instagram, etc. In essence we have the scalability, brand, business model, software, to become one of the most recognized social network brands in the world, truly we do. As I say it, we are not Cable News, we are Net News, we are not Cable News Network, we are Net News Network, we are not CNN, we are NNN, we are not FoxNewsCorp,sm, we are NetNewsCorp,sm. Please go to our application page, review it, and please note that we are stringent on truth, facts, etc, as each NetNewsCaster,sm must abide by the Ethics of The Society of Professional Journalists (you will see this on the application page). Please join us and make history with NetNewsCorp,sm. Thank You, H. Scott, CEO/Creator/Founder, NetNewsCorp,sm & A National Founder Of The Tea Party.