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"The World Desk" here on Net News Radio America we keep an eye on Our Administration & International News, keeping tabs on China, Russia, Iran & North Korea, We believe the world is a dangerous place, and We don't agree with the path we're heading down, in today's volatile world, knowledge is power.  Net News Radio America has been on the forefront to bring a new, innovative kind of News for todays America. In my heart I am compelled to bring to you the News that others just dismiss as not so important.  I will be interviewing interesting people from all different backrounds, all with an important issues to bring to light...rembering, only stars shine in the darkness.... Here on Net News Radio America we try to keep you informed as to what is happening around the world and of course right here at home..Keep your friends close...Keep you enemies closer. "Knowledge is Power! And the power belongs to We The American People. Join me on Net News Radio America to gain an understanding of what the busy little bees have been up to around the world, and just what they have planned for our future. It's time for us to face the dragon of liberalism and progressive thinking that is devouring decency, freedom and individual liberty in the last 2 decades I have endeavored to write and to broadcast our countries political truth using God given "Common Sense" that we all possess. A blending of the Spiritual & the Political.